Ophthalmological diagnostics

Ophthalmological diagnostics
  • History taking;
  • Vision check;
  • Tonometry;
  • Assessment of the optic disc;
  • Measurement of visual field defects;
  • Examination of the retina;
  • Detailed discussion of the results and treatment recommendations.

    Due to the anatomical structure of the vision organs, the ophthalmologists work field is highly complex and multifaceted. Treatment of such common diseases as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, etc. daily challenges physicians, fighting for healthy eyes – the most important organ of perception. Modern medicine constantly invents the new types of diagnostics of ophthalmologic pathologies.

    Ophthalmic exams in the PRADUS center can detect pathologies at a very early stage, in many cases before the onset of symptoms. The newest methods of diagnostic imaging allow to investigate the smallest structures of the reticular membrane and the anterior parts of the eye, which makes the therapy of diseases like degeneration of the macula, glaucoma and others particularly effective.