Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics
  • CBC & Differentials;
  • Detailed biochemical analysis;
  • Pancreatic enzymes;
  • Protein fractions;
  • Coagulogram;
  • Oncomarkers;
  • Cardiac profile;
  • Other parameters.

In the laboratory department of the PRADUS center, the diagnostic analysis of the investigated material is performed using the most modern laboratory methods and technologies. A team of experienced experts is the guarantor of the accurate diagnostics.

In the laboratory department of the diagnostic center PRADUS, the most innovative parameters of the vital activity of the organism are examined, providing an accurate diagnosis and the interpretation of the observed symptomatology regarding the cause. Therewith, the analysis is not limited to the verification of the material to confirm the preliminary diagnoses and / or the determination of individual indicators in relation to the age norm. In addition to these standard procedures, the PRADUS specialists focus on the indicators ration: for example, individual parameters of copper and zinc may be within normal limits, while the ratio of these indicators can detect an imbalance that affects the blood lipoproteins concentration.

This particular holistic approach to laboratory research allows interpreting parameters in a general context, to objectively characterize and evaluate the client’s health status and identify the causes of possible malfunctions of the body.