GcMAF Immunotherapy

GcMAF Immunotherapy
  • Unique technology developed by Saisei Mirai Clinic (Tokyo, Japan);
  • Immune system stimulation;
  • Effective fight and prevention of such diseases as cancer, AIDS, autism;
  • Individual treatment scheme selection by the leading specialist of Saisei Mirai Clinic (Japan, Tokyo).

The external factors such as stress, lifestyle, eating habits, emotional state, etc. have a huge impact on the immune system functioning. The weakened immune system does not provide human organism with natural protection against pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, etc.) and from their own mutated cells, in particular, cancer cells. Whereas, according to the latest clinical studies, a stimulation of the immune system can restrain and even defeat such life-threatening diseases as cancer and AIDS.

The leading immunology clinic Saisei Mirai Clinic (Japan, Tokyo) in 2017 has already developed the second generation of the unique immunotherapy, allowing the body to successfully fight against the number of serious diseases, including cancer, AIDS, autism and others, and also able to prevent the development of pathology, in particular, oncological diseases. The developed technique also confirmed in clinical trials (published in the magazine Neuropsychiatry in 2017) activates the patient’s immune system through the impact of GcMAG (Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor), special proteins that stimulate macrophage cells, an important component of the immune system.

In the center of complex diagnostics and preventive medicine PRADUS, Dr. Takahiro Moriyama, a representative of the Japanese clinic Saisei Mirai Clinic and one of the developers of this type of immunotherapy, is consulting concerning systematic stimulation of the immune system with the second generation of GcMAF therapy.