• Olympus system;
  • Images of unprecedented quality due to technical parameters;
  • Zoom function;
  • Maximum comfort during endoscopic procedures considering individual characteristics of the organism and clinical tasks;
  • Digital archive for evaluation in dynamics

Olympus endoscopy system is used for the endoscopic examination of the gastrointestinal tract in the PRADUS center, ensuring the maximum effectiveness, quality and safety for the patient during gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

The Olympus system represents a new standard of endoscopic technology, due to a number of advantages in comparison to other models.

Due to double focus and narrow-band imaging (NBI) and increased contrast between blood vessels and the mucosa, the Olympus endoscopy system provides images of the GI tract of the unprecedented quality (HDTV), and also allows to perform more detailed examination of the mucous membrane and capillaries.

The Responsive Insertion Technology (RIT) allows to control the endoscope according to the anatomical features of the patient and the physician’s preferences in consideration of the diagnostic tasks.

The system has a function of close focus, i.e. provides a magnified, zoomed image, when the tip of the endoscope approaches the mucosa for a 2 mm distance.

The digital database allows to evaluate the state of the gastrointestinal tract in dynamics during many years.