Dr. med. Takahiro Moriyama

Dr. med. Takahiro Moriyama

1962-1964 SHOWA Medical School, Tokyo

1965-1972 Medical Studies, Rheinisch­ Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität BONN

1973-1975 Assistant doctor at Martin-Luther-Krankenhaus of Berlin

1975-1979 Assistant doctor at Department of Gynaecology at the Helios Clinic of of Wuppertal

1882 Specialist in Gynaecology

1982-1984 Senior doctor at Department of Gynaecology at Marien Hospital in Düsseldorf

1984-1998 Gynaecology practice in Düsseldorf

1998-2000 Gynaecology practice in London

2000-2014 Establishment of Moriyama Clinic for immunotherapy

2015 Establishment of RESURRECTION CLINICS of Europe (Cancer Immunotherapy) in Düsseldorf

Since 06/2017 Immunotherapy in PRADUS Diagnostics in Düsseldorf


Member of ENA (European Nutriceutical Association)

Member of free association of doctors in Germany

Member of DMSG (German Multiple Sclerosis Society)

Member of Association of German Gynecologists

Member of Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Member of ISLA( International society for Medical Laser Applications)