Dermatological diagnostics

Dermatological diagnostics
  • History taking;
  • Physical examination
  • Melanoma screening;
  • Detailed discussion of the results and treatment recommendations.

A few decades ago, a skin cancer incidence rate was low, but in recent years the situation has changed dramatically. According to the Schleswig-Holstein Cancer Register, 264,000 cases were reported in Germany in 2012 only. And, unfortunately, there is a trend to increasing in the number of cases not only in Germany, but all over the world.

Risk factors for the skin malignancies development include excessive UV radiation, exposure to ionizing radiation, electromagnetic radiation, chronic skin trauma, nevi, viral diseases, heredity, pigmentation, immune and endocrine disorders, and the administration of certain common medications. It should be remembered that skin cancer can develop even in the body parts that are not regularly exposed to UV radiation, so attentive approach to your organism is the first step towards health.

Considering that oncological skin diseases are characterized by a high degree of malignancy, a tendency to metastasis and a high mortality rate, it is necessary to undergo regular preventive examination, or so-called “screening”. In the diagnostic center PRADUS, you can undergo a comprehensive diagnostics for the presence of such types of malignant skin tumors as: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma.

Highly qualified specialists of the PRADUS center in the field of dermatology will conduct an accurate physical examination, dermatoscopy and, if necessary, a biopsy of the neoplasm. Timely diagnosis is the key to a successful therapy and a favorable outcome for the patient.